Smart Dog Breed

It is quit easy to identify the smart animal among the different animals that are present today and one easily say that dogs are the smartest species. There are several studies that has been done on the dogs and one of these studies revealed that dogs are capable of performing a number of activates and task that can never be imagined from them. The smart dog breed is capable of doing a number of things such as they can understand about one hundred and sixty five words and even some are way smarter than that and they can go up to two hundred and fifty words; they are also very good at the reasoning for the different things, even they also count up to five.

Among the category of the smart dog breeds on the number one we have the Border collie. They are considered as he smartest dog breeds; these are always up to something and they are capable of performing all the different sorts of task that no other dog can perform as it is a part of their nature that they feel happier whenever they are given certain task or they are asked to do something.

Another smart dog breed is the German Shepherd. They are well known because of their intelligence along with the protecting nature and the courage that they have with them, these things all together give rise to one of the smart dog breeds present till date.

Another one of the smart dog breed is the Golden Retrievers, they are also among the most popular breeds of the dogs. They are well known because of their affection, loyalty and gentleness. They also higher intelligence level as compared to that of another usual breed of dogs and therefore they are also being used as the service dogs.