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Situated in Pitt Meadows BC, our Red-shafted Norther Flickers, Woody & Wendy have been diligently building a nest for the upcoming 11 to 12 days of their egg incubation...Follow their course of life...

Once the eggs have hatched, the couple will feed their possible 6 to 8 young for 25 to 28 days before the family migrates to the southern parts of the range. Here is your chance to observe nature take its course, in the comfort of your own home or office.

"Woodpeckers are awesome creatures and a vital part of our ecosystem. Found all over the world, many people have heard the distinctive tap-tap-tap of a woodpecker as it hunts for an insect meal. Now we can all enjoy watching these beautiful Red-shafted Flicker woodpeckers raise their young!" Erika Eliason, MSc

Woody 1 Wendy 1 Woody 2 Wendy 2
Woody 3 Wendy 3 Woody 4 Wendy 4
Woody 5 Wendy 5 Woody 6 Wendy 6

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