Galaxy Networks is a provider of cutting edge third generation streaming video technologies and proprietary software that combine to provide a TV quality viewing experience over the Internet.

Galaxy’s industry leading software selects and assembles stored content and converts it from separate digital files into a single, continuous and seamless programming block for playback or broadcast. Our software and management systems have been designed with ease of use in mind, allowing anyone with a broadband connection to broadcast their message to thousands of viewers worldwide.

Using the latest vendor software and proprietary coding, The Galaxy Encoder Series enables users to view real-time broadcast streams without uploading from a server. Developed as a series of products differentiated by encoding rates, the Galaxy Encoder provides the highest quality facilities customers require for all facets of digital media capture, editing and content delivery. The Encoder was designed and developed to effectively replace an entire room of traditional equipment that would otherwise be needed to drive a broadcasting operation.

At the foundation of the Galaxy Broadcast Network - representing the solution for the next generation of asset management operations - is the Galaxy Media Services Platform. The Platform is principally composed of computer servers, storage devices, network routing and transmission equipment.

The Galaxy Media Server system facilitates both seamless content distribution via the Internet and the application of digital rights management technologies for securing such content. The Galaxy Media Server incorporates storage, management and distribution systems with proprietary software to control the hardware platform with Galaxy's encoder software.

Together, Galaxy’s technologies manage large volumes of entertainment programming while providing content archive, search, access and serve capabilities.

The network also provides customers with the unique advantages of tracking software. An invaluable tool in specific billing and action tracking applications, the software monitors the identity of video communications viewers, the duration of their viewing sessions and - in the case of archived video - the frequency of viewer usage.

Galaxy has optimized the delivery of streaming video to provide unparalleled levels of speed and clarity, even when viewed in full screen mode. Quickly becoming an industry giant, Galaxy continues to set the standard in leading edge video streaming technology.

    Stream Horizon Studios is at the forefront of the Broadband Media Streaming revolution.

Headquartered in downtown Vancouver, Stream Horizon Media utilizes industry leading technologies in producing seamless, encoded video that provides an unparalleled level of Internet streaming quality.   

Our world class productions are powered by proprietary software and technologies that replace expensive studio equipment required for conventional broadcasting. This allows Stream Horizon to offer the highest quality production available, at a fraction of big studio costs. 

Stream Horizon Media has positioned itself to provide new and innovative solutions in content gathering and distribution, providing a comprehensive range of affordable services tailored to suit your needs..  

Powered by the Galaxy Encoder Series, the Ebahn Television Network represents the future of Internet TV. 

At, Infotec currently operates a demonstration stage video broadcast portal that provides TV quality live streamed and Video on Demand program viewing over the Internet.  

Building out from the Ebahn demo model, Infotec is developing an advertising driven content delivery engine that will offer a variety of on-demand television to viewers via set-top box.  

Infotec is currently in the pre-launch phase of our Third Generation Broadcast Network, which we plan to officially roll out, under a brand new name, over the coming weeks.