<BACK is mourning with the world at the loss of the eaglets.  The parent eagles have a very poor record of bringing eaglets to full term long before our cameras were ever able to witness it.  The educational value of learning even more by being able to witness this up close this time is the plus side of this tragedy and a true lesson in the nature of eagle societies.  The parents could also be very old and past the prime of their reproductive capabilities.  The study of this was aided greatly by our live feed and will be instrumental in future eaglets being successfully hatched.

Infotec is pleased to announce that this test endeavor towards an entire wildlife channel has been very successful.  “The eagle cam was a stepping stone towards the full wildlife channel which will be launched very soon.  The success was tremendous and this is only the beginning,” said CEO Arthur Griffiths.  The Alexa world website rankings as of May 1, 2006 have Infotec as high as 2,588th in the world.  The site has received media attention from CNN, Global, LA Times,,, The National Post, The Toronto Sun, The Vancouver Province and several other North American stations/papers as well as from several papers and news channels in the UK. 

The world can look forward to the future of online TV thanks to the technology that brought the world the eagle cam.  It is this same device, the Galaxy Encoder that enables virtually anyone to have their own channel.  “We all look forward to this new generation of live television in the near future,” said Griffiths. 

The applications for this live streaming are too vast to name all at once however, take a minute to imagine the following.  The NHL equipping it’s goal-cams with encoders for real-time goal disputes being settled using the archiving features…Attending university lectures from the other side of the globe in real time with available chat interaction options…Tourism sites driving traffic to their sites through live cams displaying their key attractions and indigenous wildlife…Ski mountains of the world installing “trick cams” on their slopes for mountain goers to display their best tricks for the world to see…Casting directors holding auditions all over the world without leaving their office…Mining companies being able to show investors the actual mining site in real-time and construction companies that offer their buyers the ability to watch their properties being built while the company itself keeps a watchful eye on it’s employees. 

These are some of the current uses for encoders being deployed in several markets all over the world.  The Day and age of real-time TV is here and Infotec gives you the power to use it for any application you can dream of streaming.