Infotec announces Dave McIlroy as VP of Business Development

August 15, 2006

(Vancouver, BC)  After an exhaustive search for the right candidate, CEO Arthur Griffith’s search is over.  Infotec BSI  (IFTC.OB) Announced this morning the appointment of Mr. Dave McIlroy as VP Business development as the company continues to build a world class executive team.  With over 20 years as a senior executive in the telecom and IT industry, McIlroy was an obvious choice right from the beginning.  An executive inspired by the advances in business technology, McIlroy’s last 11 years have been in service to the innovation of online video media and media over IP technology.  McIlroy is credited with helping pioneer some of the first ever internet video broadcasts on the web.

McIlroy’s experience in web based media and broadcasting allowed him to work with a handful of Fortune 500 companies, Rogers Communications and Canada’s own Globe and Mail.  A passionate sports fan, Dave also worked with several semi-pro sports teams and leagues to experiment with streaming video and audio on the web.  He is highly touted in the IT world, and marks another corporate milestone for Infotec BSI.

“Having been a professional sports executive for years, and knowing what it takes to lead an organization to the top, I can honestly say Dave McIlroy is a part of my corporate ‘dream team’.  Infotec is making huge strides as we continue to grow and innovate our industry.  Having Dave on board will allow us to build even faster, with strategies and insights that will distinguish us from the rest.  I couldn’t be happier today, he’s an extraordinary executive, and gifted thought leader in the industry. “  said Griffiths, CEO of Infotec BSI.

About Infotec Business Solutions, Inc.  

Infotec Business Systems, Inc., (IFTC.OB) through its wholly owned subsidiaries Galaxy Networks Inc., Stream Horizon Studios Ltd. During the second quarter of 2006, Infotec plans to roll out its proprietary multi-channel, broadband full service television network under a fresh new brand. Infotec is in the final development stages of this advertising-driven content delivery engine that will offer a variety of on-demand television to viewers via set-top box. Infotec has fully tested its new point of presence location in the Quinby Building in Los Angeles, California – firmly establishing a foundation for the delivery of our services on a global scale. The site provides Infotec the ability to directly access all major Internet carriers and hundreds of Satellite TV stations, enables operations to be quickly scaled to meet future demands and dramatically reduces the cost of content delivery.
Forward-Looking Statements:

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