Infotec signs exclusive deal with Saudi Arabian Telecom to bring wireless and video streaming services to Middle East

Agreement calls for Infotec to process minimum 150 million SMS annually

September 27

Vancouver, BC - Arthur Griffiths, CEO of Infotec Business Systems, Inc (OTCBB: IFTC) today announced the signing of an exclusive agreement with a Saudi Arabian Telecom operating in Canada under the trade name, MAZSKY CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC. (MAZSKY), to deliver its leading edge, 4 th generation wireless and related video steaming services to global markets, including but not limited to China, Middle East and Africa. In addition, MAZSKY has also committed to expand the growing and unique program content now available for public viewing on INFOTEC'S ( internet broadcast television network, WAVELIT.COM. Terms of the agreement were not available at press time.

 "The significance of this strategic and exclusive alliance with MAZSKY cannot be overstated”, emphasized Mr. Griffiths. “ Both we and our Saudi partners believe this to be a multi billion dollar market opportunity waiting to explode,”

Further to this announcement, Infotec will be able to simultaneously offer Mazsky solutions and innovations to other global markets as well, by integrating Mazsky solutions into the Infotec product line.  Market entries in both the Asia and the Middle East will dramatically enhance international brand name recognition for both our company’s in the weeks and months that follow.

This new partnership is projected to be highly profitable on numerous levels.  The current agreement calls for Infotec to process over 150 Million SMS to new customers across the Middle East over the next year.  VoIP solutions are also in development and will be deployed throughout Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Countries over the next quarter.  Mazsky in turn will be provide unique content to enhance the Wavelit network, as Infotec will now become a “Triple Play” distributor to its expansive audience, thanks to another partnership with “Netpower”. 

“I couldn’t be more excited about this new agreement. For the last year, the entire Infotec family has been focused on building a truly global brand, and we are finally on our way to achieving it.” Said Infotec CEO Arthur Griffiths.

“This is a monumental day for our two organizations.  This new partnership with Infotec signals the next chapter in our companies’ growth and our ability to connect the world with new media technologies.” Said Mazsky CEO Dr. Yusuf I. Qassim.

“By working together under this new agreement, Infotec and Mazsky can catapult the broadband streaming and wireless industries into a new era of opportunity on a global scale.  By improving the technology and making it available to larger markets, we’re building our organization to be the premiere name in web streaming solutions, worldwide.”  Added Griffiths.

About Infotec Business Solutions, Inc.  
Infotec Business Systems, Inc., (IFTC.OTCBB) during the second quarter of 2006, Infotec has rolled out its proprietary multi-channel, broadband full service television network WAVELIT.COM. Infotec is in the final development stages of this advertising-driven content delivery engine that will offer a variety of on-demand television to viewers via set-top box. Infotec has fully tested its new point of presence location in the Quinby Building in Los Angeles, California – firmly establishing a foundation for the delivery of our services on a global scale. The site provides Infotec the ability to directly access all major Internet carriers and hundreds of Satellite TV stations enables operations to be quickly scaled to meet future demands and dramatically reduces the cost of content delivery.

About Mazsky International
Mazsky Intl Ltd delivers broadband wireless access (BWA) systems and related unique applications interfaced with the (BWA) since 2004. Our company developed a unique and innovative (BWA) couples with the Surveillance Tracking with built in Camera for security makes it the world leader in this technology. MazAccess combining the advance 802.16 fixed wireless MAC with common 802.11 wireless LAN RF Chipsets.
Mazsky goals is to truly be a convergent company with state of the Art Technology in Broadband, VOiP, IP Services, Security, Internet, Webcast, Streaming , Video, IPTV, Live Broadcast on PDA, Mobiles, Computers. Live Chat on PDA, Mobiles, Computers. Distance Learning, video on demand and many more applications. Our company is able to discern advantages irrespective of infrastructure. We have built our system to operate in harsh requirements of Broadband Services, like high throughput, that exhibits the highest QoS, self install radios, with affordable price tag.

About NetPower
NetPower is based in Singapore and is doing business in the Singapore, Philippines and China and partners include Singapore Telecom and Philippines Telecom. NetPower has been awarded a contract by China’s 4th largest ISP, Greatwall Broadband Network (GWBN) to provide wireless as a last mile solution throughout GBWN national fibre network. NetPower will be responsible for backhaul, engineering, maintenance, sales and network operations centre.
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