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21.06.07 :: Wavelit, Inc. announces name change and its PPV entry in the Mixed Martial Arts ring via the internet. read more
17.05.07 :: MMAWL Brings Gracie Fights to Online Audience of Millions via Wavelit.com read more
10.05.07 :: Wavelit.com Announces ''Revolution'' and ''Fight Fest'' Events with MMAWL to Be Broadcast Online read more
12.04.07 :: Infotec BSI Announces Changes to New Executive Team for Q2 read more
01.03.07 :: Wavelit.com Announces Strategic Relationship with Broadband Enterprises read more
05.02.07 :: Infotec finalizes massive online content deal with Jungle Fight Championship/MMAWL as site traffic soars ... read more
12.01.07 :: Infotec Launches Wavelit.com 3.0 as site traffic explodes in 2007 ... read more
09.01.07 :: Infotec's 'Africam' catches world's first ever safari lion kill in the wild ... read more
04.01.07 :: Infotec confirms previously released MOU to bring wireless and video streaming services to Middle East ... read more
14.12.06 :: Infotec brings Canadian Hockey to the masses with online streaming of game ... read more
17.12.06 :: Infotec to stream Mixed Martial Arts Jungle Fight Championship online ... read more
17.10.06 :: Infotec Business Systems Inc. set to acquire Azatel on new broadband IPTV deal ... read more
22.10.06 :: The Urge to Converge. Why is former Canuck owner Arthur Griffiths getting into broadband? ... read more
12.09.06 :: Live web camera views South African wildlife from Kruger National Park... read more
13.09.06 :: Africam gives viewer a chance to watch wildlife at South African watering hole... read more
17.09.06 :: Why is the web about to get wilder? The eagle-cam guys set their sights on bears and elephants... read more
21.09.06 :: The Grouse Mountain grizzly bears stars of new live web cam from wavelit.com ... read more
04.04.06 :: Infotec brings eagles live to the world, proving quality streaming video ... read more

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