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Building from the incredible success of the famed Wavelit 'EagleCam', Wavelit.com will feature a full spectrum of channels containing live wildlife experiences, children's educational programming, the finest in financial news, and movies that would normally not be available to such a large audience.

Wavelit.com will cover international film festivals and display a quality that Hollywood sometimes lacks in lieu of large budgets. Wavelit.com will feature the best in sports entertainment making local and global events such as cricket matches, professional rugby, Ivy League sports teams and extreme sports all accessible from the comfort of your own home.With most of these events never reaching your television, Wavelit.com provides you with a front row seat.  This site is not only about showing programs it is about giving opportunities.  Wavelit.com displays programs that provide viewers with a chance to experience the world on a virtual boarding pass.

Ed Clunn
Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Clunn has accumulated 25 years of Technology experience with a focus on Computers and Telecommunications. Ed has been with Galaxy Networks since its inception and is the developer of the Galaxy Encoder Series that powers live streaming television. Additionally, he has been responsible for the programming and design of a number of innovative Computer Telephony solutions and products.

In particular, Ed designed the MPEG4 solution that enabled ClearStar Networks to send fifty channels over a VSAT link. Ed also designed the first Internet triggered Call Back system, which allowed for low cost, high quality calling from the CIS to other parts of the world. He has written software for, implemented, and deployed a large number of Centrex-based call control platforms, used primarily by flat rate, long distance companies throughout North America. He has also been responsible for the design and implementation of several Voice-over-IP systems spanning the Pacific Rim.

Ed has extensive experience in the design and operation of the billing systems associated with operating a long distance service, and has written software that continues to provide these services today. He has spearheaded the design and implementation of point-to-point, ATM, Internet and VPN type networks for both voice and data traffic. He has spent time in both Research and Development and on the practical side of the telecommunications industry. He has been involved in telecommunications equipment resale, project reviews such as the ClearStar product overview, Cheetah Asset Technologies Network Broadcast System design, and design and coding (C/C++) for a long distance follow-me platform.

Ed has been directly involved in the streaming system design and integration process; negotiating important agreements with vendors, customers and strategic partners, and working closely with the team to promote and develop the product line.

Art Bacon
Manager of Los Angeles Operations

A native of Vashon Island, Washington, Art studied Business Administration, Statistical Analysis and Project Management at Hubbard College prior to transitioning into the design and creation of websites back in 1994.

Since that time, Art has amassed considerable expertise in a host of technical capacities that now provide significant benefit to a variety of Infotec's development initiatives.

His areas of specialization include: custom workstation and server building; software; network and server administration; SAN administration and web development languages include ASP, PHP, ASP.NET and VB.




Lorne is also a Director of the Gastown Business Improvement Association, Prostorage Services Inc., EcoCon Services Inc., The Goat's Market Inc., GMC Projects Inc. and is Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Urban Communications Inc. Lorne has been married for 31 years and has four children.

Kent Vaesen

As a CMA trained accountant, Kent Vaesen's arrival to Wavelit solidified a powerhouse team surrounding CEO Arthur Griffiths.†Passionate about business finance, and market economics, Kent brings a wealth of financial acumen to the company.

At only 35 years old, Vaesen has already been up front of several successful start up ventures.†Kent†began his foray into the business world by founding a snowboard manufacturing firm at age 24.†An entrepreneur at heart, he†grew the business with three partners into two distinct brands and multiple OEM clients, expanding sales internationally.†The manufacturing facility sold 5 years later and still operates today as a successful publicly traded company.†His love of both business and outdoor action sports, Kent became assistant to the controller at Cypress Mountain Ski Area in West Vancouver, BC.†As a revenue accountant, Mr. Vaesen also served in a financial operations role at a $100 Million telecom corporation.†With a combination of entreprenuerial spirit and financial prudence, Mr. Vaesen adds focus to the teamís business targets.

Trevor Clunn
Content Manager

Following his graduation in 2000, Trevor became involved in editing and the production of corporate videos for online streaming. With a year's experience to his credit, it was clear Trevor had found his niche.

Trevor later became involved with Hot Sports Networks, where he edited a variety of hockey drills and commercials for Hockey Canada. While involved with Hot Sports, Trevor familiarized himself with Exchange Email Accounts and helped support coaches involved with the Coaches Club Coaches Planner.



Hayley Wright
Studio Support

Hayley has now been involved in the broadcasting industry for a year. That time has included an 8-month term with MTV Canada, on a show called "969", for which Hayley performed on-camera work as well as in-studio filming, research and a bit of producing.

Having already completed four part-time classes in the winter of 2004, Hayley is currently applying for acceptance in the full-time Broadcast Journalism program at BCIT.

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